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September, 2016

""I believe that the chances are there that Donald Trump could be in a landslide win situation with American voters, yet still have the election stolen from him by the legal and illegal immigrant voter registration drives..." William Gheen in One News Now

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"The absence of discussion about our problems with illegal immigration, which won the primary for Trump, made this entire debate somewhat disingenuous" William Gheen, WND, 9/27/16

"“Our enemies are allowed to walk freely among us. They can choose the time of their attack at leisure. They are letting people into the country who are dangerous!" William Gheen told World Net Daily 9/20/16

"The greatest wave of illegal immigration in America’s history is now inbound because Obama has sent the green light around the world that America’s border defenses have been compromised by his office!" William Gheen warned in WND Sept 15, 2016

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee, said Trump risks losing his group’s endorsement if he deviated too far from his stringent law and order stance on illegal immigration. -- LifeZette Aug 26, 2016

"Recent polls showed that John McCain was the most despised member of the U.S. Senate in America," William Gheen, One News Now, August 29, 2016

William Gheen warns Trump campaign in The Boston Globe "Once you become an immigration enforcement hard-liner, there's no going back!"

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