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October, 2016

William Gheen told One News Now Oct 21, 2016 "They want to take foreigners with criminal records and lower IQ and academic test scores and make them into police officers"

"the Obama administration is doing everything it can to make sure as many illegal aliens vote in 2010 although that is a violation of federal law" William Gheen told Fox News Oct 30, 2010

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio's political survival, as well as all of our survivals on the illegal alien issue, is dependent on Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton." William Gheen told One News Now Oct 17, 2016

"“Our loyalty is to the American people not the Republican Party we’re trying to save every citizen’s job that we can from the illegals that McCain and Ryan are responsible for allowing into the United States" William Gheen, Breitbart Oct 12 2016

“If Republicans like McCain and Ryan are going to act like and help Democrats, why not elect Democrats and try for better Republicans next time?” asked William Gheen in WND Oct 12, 2016

"And even if it was a type of discrimination the healthy kind of discrimination that keeps individuals, communities, and countries alive and secure it is superseded by Article 4 of the Constitution which says all states shall be protected from invasion.""

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