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November, 2017

We've seen Luis Gutiérrez choose foreign invaders every time over the interests of U.S. citizens he has been the top voice for illegal aliens in the United States Congress and we are thankful to see him go. William Gheen told One News Now 11/29/17

“Moore opposes DACA and the Dream Act and supports military patrol of the borders while the [border] wall is being constructed. That statement won him a quick endorsement from the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and William Gheen

“It is time for Congress + FEC to step in and stop corporations like Facebook Google & Twitter their power to influence free speech campaigns elections & legislation & time for Congress to break up these monopolies" William Gheen Breitbart 11/17/17

Twitter rejects William Gheen ALIPAC ad calling for Americans to demand Congress stop amnesty

“The mere fact that there is a conversation about a deal on amnesty is an affront we were promised [by Trump] this would not happen We were promised strong immigration enforcement for years to come before any discussions about remaining illegal immigran

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