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November, 2016

“The real reason DHS chief Jeh Johnson supports McCaul is because behind the tough talk, McCaul shares the same immigration reform amnesty positions as Johnson, Obama, and Clinton!” William Gheen in USA Today Nov 30, 2016

"We certainly hope that Donald Trump would not reward a deceptive pro-amnesty lawmaker like Michael McCaul with a Cabinet position.. " Wiliam Gheen in The Washington Times Nov 30, 2016

"... all Americans that value fair and secure elections should be encouraged to turn their attention to the vast Democrat voter fraud that made the race much closer than it should have been" William Gheen told WND Nov 29, 2016

“Despite Twitter’s defamation of Sheriff Arpaio and attempt to censor us... the positive response to Sheriff Joe being placed in charge of the wall and deporting illegal immigrants has been huge!” William Gheen Gateway Pundit 11/19/16

"Arpaio's experience and proven leadership fighting illegal immigration and the fact Obama's team removed him from office makes him a perfect pick for the Trump administration," William Gheen to Washington Examiner Nov 18, 2016

“We have to keep the American public engaged in the process. And that will probably be the single-most determining factor of how much does or does not happen with Trump's agenda." William Gheen, One News Now, Nov 14, 2016

William Gheen Nov 7 WND " Harry Reid owes his position as minority leader in the Senate to illegal immigrant voters in Clark County [Las Vegas]. I have no doubt about that to this day.”

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