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November, 2013

Officials, advocates: Angry mob at border organized to provoke agents, capture violence on camera


Salvation Army coordinators discuss feeding almost 1,800

97-year-old woman killed in Pennsylvania home robbery, police say

In God we trust, maybe, but not each other

Coming Soon, a Night Watchman With Wheels?

U.S. airlines give China flight plans for new defense zone

STUDY: Prayer boosts self-control, emotional stability

Santa Shames Thanksgiving ‘Parasite’ Shoppers Lined Up…Using a Megaphone!

Leftist Hate Groups Smear UT Student As “Uncle Tom, Racist” & Mark Him For Death For Planning Immigration Stunt

Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede

Teen returning home from Black Friday shopping killed in wreck

Advocates press Obama for fewer deportations

Illegal Immigration - A Federal Responsibility that Creates Texas-Size Problems for Texans

My Son Was a Victim of the Knockout Game

White Genocide Exposed in EU Parliament

The British say NO to White geNOcide

Why are there no pictures released showing Adam Lanza Holding A Rifle on the Property of Sandy Hook?

Did You Catch Obama’s Very Curious Immigration Statement During His Speech Tuesday?

Presidential Poll: Reagan Best, Obama Worst in Last 100 Years

Top-Secret Document Reveals NSA Spied On Porn Habits As Part Of Plan To Discredit 'Radicalizers'

NSA 'planned to discredit radicals over web-porn use'

Thanksgiving Strategic Update On the Illegal Alien Amnesty Threat!

White House Won't Rule Out Executive Action on Amnesty Immigration

Defense Department gives local police equipment designed for a war zone

Liberal Professor Tells White Male Students To Commit Suicide To Benefit Society

Man Tracks Down Guy Who Stole His iPhone With An App & Whoops On Him!

Would-be thief gets a taste of small town justice

Some Liberal News Sources Try to Lie and Deny there is a problem with black mobs attacking white people

Why has no security videos or pictures showing Adam Lanza holding a rifle at Sandy Hook ever been released?

Twist In Gay New Jersey Server’s Story: Couple Comes Forward With Receipt Showing Tip, No Anti-Gay Note

Immigration battle threatens to dwarf debt-limit fight as many Republicans fear power of 17 MILLION newly legalized loyal Democrats

Illegal Alien Mob Attacks Agents Near Border, BP Says

Obama rallies illegals, immigrants against GOP

Sen. Sessions slams Obama, CEOs on illegal immigration

Study: Casual Sex Among Young Americans Contributes to Depression and Suicide Rates

Obama FBI Partners with Left-Wing Extremist Group

REPORT: Half of New HIV Infections in Greece Self-Inflicted for Gov't Benefits...

Pro-life display vandalized at public university

And why would they ever stop this advance? Chinese buying up California housing

Embracing big brother: How facial recognition could help fight crime

Should Governor Chris Christie Sign The In-State Tuition for illegal aliens bill?

Comet ISON, if it survives trip around the sun, could bring spectacular sky show

Watch out for credit card hackers this Christmas season

Rep. Gutierrez: 'My Republican Friends' Tell Me They'll Try to Pass Full Immigration Bill in Parts

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL) stands firm against Amnesty

Congressman Paul Gosar Challenges Facebook's Zuckerberg to Tour Insecure U.S. Border

Not so fast! Amnesty battles far from over


Illegal Aliens Hounding GOP Rep from One Town Hall to Another

Band of brothers rally around boy, 6, to stop teasing

Beware the Disinfo coming out of 'National Report'

FAKE STORY: 60 Year Old Woman Blows Away Two Young Punks Playing the Knock Out game

Moscow Mayor Thinks Mosques Attract Illegal Migration

Newspaper deliveryman finds bomb stuffed in teddy bear

Man Pretending to be Cop Pulls Over Woman, Handcuffs Her, Then Does the Unspeakable

Children of 8 are 'racist' if they miss Islam trip: School's threatening letter to parents is met with outrage

Obama Had Senate-Office 'Portrait Session' With Pornographer

Price of Electricity Hit Record for October; Up 42% in Decade

USPS ad for ‘holiday stamps’ omits Christmas — includes Kwanzaa, Hanukkah

Parents Beyond Outraged! Over 500 “Intentional” Errors Found In Text Books In All 50 States To Mislead–Wait Until You See What! (Video)

Duke Lacrosse False Accuser Crystal Mangum found guilty of 2nd-degree murder Will Serve at least 14 years!

McConnell: Tea Party 'Bullies' Who Need Punch in Nose

Embrace your rapist: Girl who got punched in head gives lame liberal speech humanizing her attackers [VIDEO]

DOJ internal memo confirms Obama plan for gun confiscation

Mexican drug cartels exploit asylum system by claiming ‘credible fear’

Teen Credits Concussion With Giving Him His Musical Talents

Scientists witness massive gamma-ray burst, don't understand it

Mexican drug cartels exploit asylum system by claiming ‘credible fear’

Only 2.1 percent of ‘DREAMers’ Denied Work Permits in DHS Reviews

Immigration amnesty bill to allow more terror refugees?

Army Explains Security Flaws at Intel Base: Apprehending Illegal Aliens Not DOD Mission

Suspected Chinese Propaganda Expands from Washington Post to the New York Times

Sheriff: Bomb found in teddy bear

Zuckerberg Lies: 'Immigration one of biggest civil rights issues of our time'

Despite Promises, Obama Planning to Close ICBM Squadron

Boehner Amnesty Immigration Reform Absolutely Not Dead

“Knockout” A Dangerous Game for Victims—and Perpetrators—as Incidents Rise

North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood

More Anti-Christ Actions from Obama Administration: The Town FEMA Turned Down

Corporations increasingly spying on nonprofits, group says

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is Racist, Says Portland School Official

Three “Knockout” Attacks Reported In Philadelphia Area


Illegal alien charged with raping 8-year-old girl in North Carolina

Pro-amnesty Republicans target of ALIPAC's lobbying effort

Homeland Security Still Hasn’t Fired Black Supremacist Ayo Kimathi Who Runs Racist Website

Cumberland County Tennessee Student Resource officer overreacts.

9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact

Black racism in Florida: “Polar bear hunting” is illegal

Illegal alien charged with raping 8-year-old girl in North Carolina

Pro-amnesty Republicans target of ALIPAC's lobbying effort

Sen Sessions House Needs to be on Alert for Obama Immigration Amnesty Subterfuge

Day 2: Illegals camped out near Congress, 48 hour focus against amnesty

Immigration Reform Amnesty Opponents Launch DC Lobbying Effort

24 hours notice on intensive effort to stop Amnesty in 2013

Obamacare crisis is choking Obama’s top priority immigration (amnesty) bill

Illegal Alien Was on 'Supervised Release' When He Killed Border Patrol Agent

GOP senators press Obama’s DHS nominee to end ‘lawless’ immigration policies

Illegal Immigrants Receive Right To Driver's Licences in D.C.

Cops shoot at Minivan full of kids ages 6-14 after a traffic stop with their mother

U.S. business leader remains confident Boehner will seek immigration reform amnesty

Obama to stop deporting illegal relatives of U.S. troops, veterans

black teens murder 12 year old white girl -- and steal her bike

I Am Trayvon Martin - "Youths" attack white woman and 9 year child at Chuck-E-Cheese

CBS Lies To The World in Report that Claims the 'Knock Out Game' aka "Polar Bear Hunting' targets 'random strangers' when in fact white people are the targets!

MSNBC Host’s Hideous and Graphic Attack on Sarah Palin Is So Over-the-Top, We Can’t Even Put It in the Headline

A spectacular mistake on immigration: Straw finally admits Labour messed up letting

Monsters of Anarchy - Post Collapse Security Considerations

WARNING: The Other Preppers: “We Are Your Worst Nightmare and We Are Coming…”

Oprah: Racists Have to Die for Racism to End

FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers

Congressman Warns of Obamacare “Secret Security Force”

Republican candidate for governor gives Heimlich maneuver at dinner

No penalties when lefties use slurs: Alec Baldwin Chases Down Photog 'C**ksucking F*g!' [Video]

Countdown: US Hits Debt Ceiling in 84 Days

C.I.A. Collects Global Data on Transfers of Money

Video: GOP Candidate Warns of Constitutional Crisis due to Obama's Decrees

Second O’Keefe video exposes more Obamacare Navigators telling people to commit fraud

Final Preparations to Knock Amnesty for illegals down in 2013

Obama: 'No Reason' Not to Pass Immigration (Amnesty) After Obamacare Disaster

NJ Senate panel advances in-state tuition bill for illegals

Obamacare for illegal aliens? HHS provides free medication to lawbreakers

Andrew McCarthy: Obama Committed Serial Fraud – Impeachment Is a Remedy

48 hours left before our Petition Against Amnesty copies go to first printing

Rep. Olson Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against Eric Holder

Hackers accessing info via baby monitors

Scientists Confirm World's Oldest Creature...But Kill it Determining Its Age

WATCH Chinese Troops on American Soil

Florida Shifts Away From Republicans With Minority Influx

President Obama follows @ihaten*ggers on TWITTER...

Seattle police deactivate surveillance system after public outrage

Intelligence agency seeks facial recognition upgrade

Pot vaporizer boom leads to secret stoners

Chico Councilman Accuses Police Officer Of Posting Racially Insensitive Facebook Photos

Americans’ personal data shared with CIA, IRS, others in security probe

Florida Republican Tries to Keep Amnesty Immigration Prospects Alive

Obama Rallies Faith Leaders on Amnesty Immigration

Computers and phones in children's bedrooms 'can cause anxiety and sleep loss'

Staged! Amnesty Activists Ambush Boehner While He Eats Breakfast

Biggest children’s book publisher erases Israel from map

Boehner: House won’t negotiate with Senate on immigration bill

Horowitz at Heritage Foundation: 'The Communist Party Is The Democratic Party'

Amnesty Kryptonite in your hands: Apply to these Targets (Action Needed)

Brooklyn Rabbi: Gang Of Teens Playing Disturbing Game Of ‘Knock Out The Jew’

One fired, three suspended after undercover health care video

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Obamacare Navigators Counsel Applicants to "Lie"

James O’Keefe reveals corruption at the heart of the president’s signature program.

Racist Burger King Sign: “Now Hiring, Must Be Mexican”

Obama hits lowest approval rating of presidency: Poll

Sarah Palin Warns America: Kicking God Out of Society Will Lead To Ruin

Congressional Approval Sinks to Record Low

Steve Taylor: Friend me, Jeff Denham

‘A Worrying Trend’: Violent Muslim Immigrants Making Natives In France Feel Like Persecuted Minorities

DHS Funds Installation of White Boxes That Can Track Population of Entire City

White Supremacist Exposed as Part African on Talk Show

Families migrating to Colorado for a medical marijuana miracle

ALIPAC in LA Times Arguing against American Bankers Association Amnesty Push

Christie Dodges Four Times When Asked if He Supports 'Pathway to Citizenship' for Illegals


Rep. DesJarlais: Granting Illegal Immigrants Amnesty Will Increase Costs For Hardworking Tennesseans

Feds stiff Arizona border town for ambulance costs for immigrants

Feds Deploy National Spy System of Microphones Capable of Recording Conversations

What I saw at the doomsday prepper convention

Obama Approval Rating Drops On Economy, Immigration

Only one in eight swing-voters strongly back amnesty, says Obama’s polling firm

Foreign students continue to flock to U.S. colleges

College Students On Probation For Pulling Gun To Defend Against Intruder

Black on Brown Crime: Bryant Park ‘shooter’ all but confessed online

Beware the White Flags and Illegal Alien Amnesty Subterfuge!

Schumer: Chicken Slaughtered, Raised In China Could Pose Major Risk

White Republican Wins ‘Long Shot’ Election After Leading Voters To Believe He’s Black

Cops: Black mob kidnaps, rapes teen girls Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/11/cops-black-mob-kidnaps-rapes-teen-girls/#PZtmSriIF3TXsDtC.99

Protesters slam Jimmy Kimmel over 'kill everyone in China' joke

ABBA mulls possible reunion: report

One week from today...


New invention 'harvests' electricity from background radiation and could be used to beam power to remote locations or recharge phones wirelessly

Las Vegas Installs “Intellistreets” Light Fixtures Capable Of Recording Conversations

Right Wing’s Surge in Europe Has the Establishment Rattled

Police: Woman Tortured In Oxford Circle Home Invasion

Obama, McCain to huddle on immigration

DMV Official Pleads Guilty to Giving Illegals Driver's Licenses

Sacramento Mexican National sentenced for making fake documents

New York City Unveils Pilot Program Giving Legal Defense To Detained Illegal Aliens

ICE Union President to Business Leaders Pushing for Immigration Reform: You’re Putting the Public at Risk

Bloomberg News Is Said to Curb Articles That Might Anger China

We need the weekend shift of illegal immigration amnesty fighting volunteers to dig in on signing and circulating our online Petition Against Amnesty

Deadly Diseases Like Measles And Mumps Make Frightening Comeback

The 29 Whitest Family Photos of All Time

Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War?

Dad ‘unfit parent for refusing son McDonald’s’

Fascism: UC Berkeley Bans Term 'Illegal Immigrant'...

Exclusive: Obama’s Secret Iran Détente

Congressman: Giving Undocumented Students In-State Tuition Is ‘Rewarding Bad Behavior

Chamber of Commerce, Zuckerberg, and La Raza Coordinate Pro-Amnesty Twitter Campaign

Zuckerberg’s lobby group unveils illegal immigrants to compete in hackathon

Congressman: We're Going to Try to Impeach Eric Holder over Fast & Furious

Surveillance Video Captures Flash Mob Robberies At 3 Chicago Area Stores

Gay Activist Calls For Mandatory Abortion

Cops Now Enforcing Anal Probing On Americans Routinely

Texas single mom’s ‘thanks a lot’ letter to Obama goes viral

Food Bank CEO: Welfare Cuts Causing “Nightmare Ripple Effect”

Police stun stepdad trying to save son from fire

INDICTED: Voting Machine Manufacturer Charged : Worldwide Pattern of Criminal Conduct

Google Is Testing A Program That Tracks You Everywhere You Go

"White Bitch" Bakersfield girl brutally beaten in racially motivated mob attack

11 Days until We Go to DC to Stop Obama, AFL-CIO, Soros, & the Chamber's Amnesty

Navy SEALs Ordered To Remove “Don’t Tread on Me” Navy Jack From Uniforms

Man Claims He Was Anally Probed 8 Times Following Traffic Stop For Drugs

Americans lobbying DC to stop the planned amnesty for illegal aliens in 2013

The Bedbug Registry

Cuccinelli Campaign Says National GOP Abandoned Them: 'We Were on Our Own'

Obama Secret Service Agent: “It’s Worse Than People Know… and I’m Not Trying to Scare You Either”

Crowds Boo Obama During National Guard Ceremony at Mizzou Football Game

Floating island of rubbish three times size of BRITAIN floating towards California

US Rents Rise To New All-Time High; Homeownership Rate Stuck At 18 Year Low

FCC: Lifeline Program Fraud and Abuse Surpasses Two Million Subscribers

DHS to Hire “Top Secret” Domestic Security Force

There Are Idiots Among Us (19 Pics)

BIG NEWS: Teens Are Officially Leaving Facebook

Poll: Obesity Rates Climbing In All Demographics In U.S.

President Barack Obama told his enthusiastic supporters Monday night that he never promised what video recordings show him promising at least 29 times.

'Purge surge': Obama fires another commander

ALIPAC To Lead Citizen Activists To Lobby Against Amnesty in DC Nov. 18-20

Fight illegal alien Amnesty bills on the ground in DC and with us by phone

Sick Bastard Charles Barron Announces Assembly Run and Plan to ‘Bag’ Albany Establishment

Some DREAMers cross the line forcing Rep. Gutierrez to cut his ties to the organizations

Immigration Officers: Enforce Current Laws Before Passing Reform

Washington support for immigration reform (amnesty) heats up as time runs out

Amnesty Will Increase the Welfare State

Dr. Thomas Sowell, the intellectual juggernaut, recently concluded that a Black and White race war is in effect.

Lobbyists for Restaurant Chains Grease Wheels for Immigration Amnesty Bill

Angry Tea Party leaders go 'RINO' hunting for would-be Republicans

Obama: ‘I Want To Put The Fear Of God In All Of You’

Civil Rights Leaders React to VA Dem Lt. Governor Candidate Refusing to Shake Opponent's Hand

Traitor Rep. Upton: Half of GOP caucus backs immigration reform amnesty

Groups ramp up efforts on illegal immigration debate

GOP's Jeff Flake: 'Good Shot' at Breakthrough in Immigration Reform Amnesty

23 Photos Taken One Second Before Utter Catastrophe

Anti-Amnesty Activists Call for Flags at Half-Mast for Those Killed by Illegal Aliens

Ugress - Planetfall

VIDEO: Duck Dynasty Star “We Were Ordered To Stop Praying To Avoid Offending Muslims”

Immigration officers complain that DHS won’t let them enforce immigration laws.

Obama approval crashes to psychological barrier of 40% with biased Gallup that favors him whenever they can

The Final Illegal Alien Amnesty Fight Countdown of 2013!

“Stop wasting lives and money on a country that will never change”, said Rep. Jones

Chess Grandmaster Takes On 10 Jail Inmates Blindfolded, And Wins

FL Cop Tazes Running, Handcuffed Girl: She’s Now Brain Dead “They Taze White Folk, Too” video and pictures

Inspired by Snowden, more NSA insiders are blowing the whistle

Greeks fear more violence after Golden Dawn members shot dead

China vows to silence Dalai Lama in Tibet

Michigan Man Claims He Told US Where bin Laden Was

Food stamp cuts create high demand for food bank supplies

Third Republican flips to side with Dems on illegal immigration bill

US will reportedly hit Infosys with record fine for immigration violations

Michael Savage is right on the mark and ALIPAC is going to distribute this broadcast far and wide because everyone needs to hear this message.

Cruz Tells Pro-Amnesty Fusion TV Pathway to Citizenship 'Unfair' to Legal Immigrants

Chinese Illegal Immigrants Account for Most Border Traffic

Medicare paid millions to dead patients, illegal immigrants, probe finds

"She killed me, so I killed her": Jurors deliberate fate of Texas man who pleaded guilty to killing HIV-positive mistress

FACEBOOK SCAM: 'Will Smith Pronounced Dead'

RIOTS TODAY? Fox News Reports that Obama Admin is Preparing For Riots TODAY... (VIDEO)

Top generals: Obama is 'purging the military'

The First Hustler Runs the Big Con

Communist Group Mother Jones Shocker: 'New Poll Shows Democratic Incumbents in Big Trouble'

More attacks on white males: Pentagon training manual: white males have unfair advantages

16 work days and 30 votes left in battle against GOP & Obama Amnesty plan

Chinese Govts US Nuke Attack Plans Published With Chilling Details

IRS's Lerner illegally sent conservative group data to FEC: Watchdogs

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