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May, 2017

"There is a massive political campaign coming at Americans through all channels pushing the same globalist agenda.. want to destroy the nation states and replace our form of governance with their elitist globalist control" William Gheen to WND May 30 2017

William Gheen tells One News Now on May 17, 2017 that Dr. Kelli Ward could defeat pro-Amnesty Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) in the 2018 GOP primaries!

if illegal non-citizen voters are removed from the voter rolls.. "may even change the balance of power in many states where Democrats have taken control using fraudulent votes," William Gheen in One News Now 5/16/17

Gateway Pundit 5/2/17: Top Immigration Group (ALIPAC & William Gheen) Pulls Trump Endorsement Due to Betrayal on Immigration Promises

“While we may be one of the first groups representing Trump’s base on immigration issues to leave the fold, we won’t be the last,” said Gheen in the Hufflington Post 5/2/17

unfortunately, Trump has made it clear he cannot be trusted on his most powerful campaign issue of stopping illegal immigration and amnesty, said William Gheen to the Washington Times 5/2/17

“He (Trump) lied to us on core issues. It’s disappointing and painful for us to say that.” William Gheen LifeZette 4/28/17

"We don't expect there will ever be a wall," said William Gheen, founder of the Americans for Legal Immigration political action committee. "We think that Trump lied to all of us." William Gheenin Lifezette 4/25/17

"Failure on the border wall + the Australian refugee deal & DACA it’s very unlikely Trump will change by Monday But if he does we will gladly continue to endorse him but ALIPAC doesnt support candidates who..." William Gheen Daily Caller 4/26/17

"we intend to drop the endorsement on April 30 because he is making it abundantly clear that he is not the man that he promised us he was during the campaign we do not expect the border wall to be built.." William Gheen WND 4/25/17

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