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March, 2016

"Our archives are filled with stories of drunk-driving illegals killing U.S. citizens..more than 3,000 U.S citizens lose their lives each year due to the insufficient enforcement of our existing border and immigration laws" William Gheen Fox News 3/30/16

“Muslim terrorists can only hurt us if we let them into America...Unfortunately, traitors inside our own government are letting terrorists in..." William Gheen, WND, March 18, 206

“We believe the chances of political violence are rising rapidly...A veteran that was volunteering to support Trump was sitting outside a polling place and two young Hispanic males assaulted him and destroyed his signs" William Gheen WKTRH 3-8-16

“That 15.7 million is right in the middle of what we’ve been saying But I think if you count the ones who have been given some sort of status, plus the illegal stock, it’s at least 20 million..." William Gheen, WND 3-10-16

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