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June, 2012


FOR NOW AT LEAST, OBAMA CAN'T FLOOD U.S. MILITARY WITH ILLEGAL ALIENS - Clearing the Air on Immigrants, the Military, and Deferred Action

super derecho land hurricane hits mid atlantic killing 10 and knocking out power for millions!

Eastern United States Storms Leave Nine Dead, Many Without Power

DOES OBAMACARE COVER MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS? - Healthcare Reform Act does not benefit Illegal Immigrants

Justice Department Won't Prosecute Holder for Contempt

House could arrest Holder with inherent contempt power

Darrell Issa Puts Details of Secret Wiretap Applications in Congressional Record

Michael Savage: Supreme Court Judge Roberts affected by medication

NOTE TO ILLEGAL ALIEN PERVERTS: DON'T RAPE IN OKLAHOMA! OK - Illegal immigrant sentenced to life in prison for 2006 rape

Obama Pulls The Rug On Arizona: We have 72 Hours To Prepare

On day of contempt vote Eric Holder skips town, heads to Disney World

OVERWHELMING 255-67 FAST AND FURIOUS JUSTICE FINALLY CATCHES UP WITH ERIC HOLDER - House votes to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress

New Black Panther leader: Hunt down and kill white people

VIDEO: (Warning Very Graphic) Drug Cartel Rivals Behead Zetas on Camera

Border Security Group Praises Contempt Vote Against Eric Holder

On day of contempt vote Eric Holder skips town, heads to Disneyworld

EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE NOT WORKING - BLACK CAUCUS TO THE RACE CARD RESCUE! - Black Lawmakers Plot 'Walkout Strategy' During Holder Contempt Vote

Twitter prepares curbs on "hate speech"

US beaches laden with sewage, bacteria: study

Hellfires Burn In Colorado as Obama Swoops In For Campaign Stop Instead of Presidential Duties

Missing; Illegal Alien Disappears from Network Vocabulary

Video: Jon Stewart Summarizes Fast & Furious and Slams Obama’s Executive Privilege.

Illegal alien pleads guilty to WMD terror conspiracy

Store Clerk loses job for refusing to sell cigarettes for welfare money

Help Us Hit The Traitors In Washington Hard Today!

Fast And Furious Will Destroy Obama

VIRGINIA CITIZEN'S DEFENSE LEAGUE ADVOCATES FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS TO BEAR ARMS - Obama’s ‘DREAM’ order may give illegal aliens Second Amendment rights

Levin: SCOTUS immigration decision clears way to sue sanctuary cities, states with in-state tuition

Highly Active Compound Found In Coffee May Prevent Colon Cancer


‘Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy To Shut Down Website

VIDEO: American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI !!!

ALIPAC Amnesty Defense Plans in Motion: Rally To Us!

Another "zombie-like" attack? Man eats family dog after police say he ingested synthetic drug K-2


An anti-Jew in the zoo: Elmo kicked out of Central Park Zoo

Radical Muslim sentenced to 11 years for threat to SouthPark Show

Eric Holder ‘Fast and Furious’ contempt vote to be held Thursday

Shields for Privacy in a Smartphone World

14-Year-Old Boy Shoots Armed Intruder While Watching Younger Siblings

Cops: Woman High On Bath Salts Wanted To ‘Kill Someone And Eat Them’

Homeland Security suspends immigration agreements with Arizona police

ALIPAC Celebrates Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona & Vows to Spread Law To More States

High Court upholds key part of Arizona immigration law

Feds Jail New Mexico Family, Seize Everything They Own for Being Honest Legal Firearms Dealers

NC residents wait for Supreme Court to decide on immigration law

EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief

SB 1070 High Court Has Already Decided but Process Maintains Suspense

VIDEO: Black Female Randomly Assaults White Passenger On Bus

University sponsors campaign to undermine 'white privilege'

Family of Slain BP Agent Has Filed Claim Against the Government

Rush: Obama created crimes with gunrunning

Acxiom Corp: The 'faceless organization that knows everything about you'

VIdeo of 68 Year Old Lady Bus Monitor Karen Huff Klein - driven to despair by school bullies on school bus

A Victory for the Republic! Congressional Republicans Vote Eric Holder In Contempt

PAPER: Obama's grandfather tortured by the British? A fantasy (like most of the President’s own memoir)

Race Threatens to Become a Weapon in the Campaign

Lethal Mini Drones: Swarms of cyborg insect drones are the future of military surveillance

Obama Grants Holder Request for Executive Privilege on 'Fast and Furious'

Lawsuit filed against Justice Department over blocking SC's Voter ID law

NOT BUYING A 'PIG IN A POKE' FAST & FURIOUS DEAL -- Issa Plans to Move Forward With Holder Contempt Vote

Police To Hold Gun Turn-In Event This Weekend

VIDEO: Woman Gropes TSA Agent

Is this Boost Mobile Commercial Racist?

Audio: Radio Host Barbara Espinosa Calls President Obama a "Monkey"

Ask Mitt Romney To Stand Up Against Obama's Illegal Alien Amnesty Tyranny

Romney's response to Obama plan criticized

Scrap Metal Theives Targeting Your Car’s Precious Metals

Thank God for Alex Jones: This is How America Dies!

Giant mushroom cloud over Beijing was just nature

Border Patrol group calls for Holder’s resignation

'Fast and Furious' whistleblower says he's 'disappointed' one year later

Fast and Furious Scandal Video Goes Viral Making Obama Panic

Number of stay-at-home dads has DOUBLED in past decade as 'man-cession' bites

Mexican President Thanks Obama for Immigration Authoritarian Amnesty for illegals

10-year-long video game creates 'hellish nightmare' world

Obama Is an Equal Opportunity Betrayer

VIDEO: Strange Mushroom Cloud Filmed Over Beijing China

ALIPAC Asks Congress To Stop Obama's Amnesty Orders

CURL: Obama’s a domestic enemy of the U.S. Constitution

Obama Administrative Dream Act Amnesty Myths

Google reports 'alarming' rise in censorship by governments

Mercury-Laced Baby Formula Recalled Amid China Food Campaign

LA Riot Videos: 'If You're White, You Don't Belong Here Tonight'

Rodney King Dead: Face Of LA Riots Dies At Age 47

Romney won't say he'll overturn immigration order

OBAMA'S JOB-STEALING AMNESTY HITS JUST DAYS BEFORE USSC RULES ON AZ SB1070 - Brewer slams Obama's immigration plan as political pandering

Sheriff Joe: I’ll Keep Arresting Illegals Under Arizona Law Despite Obama Amnesty

Charles Baron for Congress "I want to slap the closest white person"

More "youth" Mob Attacks! This time in Portland!

Mark Krikorian: Romney Screws the Pooch on Immigration

Alberto Gonzales: Obama May Have Violated His Oath Of Office With Immigration Move

We have 48 Hours to Prepare to Fight Obama's Ambush Amnesty

Its Official: Presidency Now A Dictatorship

Rush floored at CNN reporter not hiding bias in excusing Obama bypassing Congress for votes

Rep. Steve King to File Lawsuit to Block Obama’s Amnesty for 1 Million Illegals

VIDEO: Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks to ABC15 about illegal immigration change

Limbaugh: Obama Amnesty Plan: Catch, Release, Vote

Biden Says the 'Great' Cities Are in China, Not America

ALIPAC Issues Statement Opposing Obama's Amnesty Plans for Illegals

AP claims Obama Will Order Dream Amnesty for A Million Illegal Aliens Next Week

Dictator Obama Plans Dream Amnesty: AP sources: Immunity offered to certain 1 Million illegal aliens

America For Sale! Foreign holdings of US debt hit record high

CO AG Reviewing metro States New Discounted Tuition Aimed at Illegal Immigrants

ALIPAC Goes Into Emergency Mode: Warning to all activists on threats

'Make no mistake about it: Democrats are panicking'


Military drone mistaken for ‘UFO’ along DC highways

Holder Says He Will Not Quit!

3 Teen Mobs Attack in Chicago This past weekend. Teen has become code word for Black

DEMONIC: Munnsville woman allegedly high on 'bath salts' dies after attacking child

Is Legalizing Weed Obama's Secret Weapon?

Gay Fan 'Obama Boy' video and song spell big trouble for Obama's campaign

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC Endorses Joe Kaufman For Congress

Spanish Graduation Speech Enrages Community

Dream Act Referendum Considered in MD Court of Appeals

More rich Chinese buy US property

Liberal TV Icon Joy Behar Wants to See Romney's House Burn Down

Cool: Real Transformer NO C.G. Upgrade Version -Humvee Bioloid-

Socialist or fascist?

Police Chase Ends In Death By Man Defending His Home

New List? Reporter Detained/Arrested Investigating Mysterious Explosion That Rocked N. Michigan

Volunteers Needed to Help ALIPAC Stop Illegals From Canceling Your Votes

Florida Governor Rick Scott To Sue Obama Administration Over Illegal Alien Voters

SHOCK: Anonymous ‘Anarchist’ pens article in support of violence

Obama Urged to Use Executive Orders for Dream Act Amnesty & Other Causes

Black Congress members threaten: Zimmerman acquittal could spark race riots

Great song and video! Martial Law (Rubs me Raw) by Mitchell J Rickey

Fed: Americans’ wealth dropped 40 percent

House Committee Schedules Contempt Vote Against Attorney General Eric Holder

African Infiltration of Israel Planned by Left?

Obama FOX NEWS scathing 'attack' video REMOVED FROM FOXNEWS.COM - management!

China Announces How It Would Go To War Against The US Fleet

Jindal - Obama Most Incompetent President Since Jimmy Carter

Toddler Declared Dead Wakes Up At Funeral

School pulls patriotic song at graduation, but Justin Bieber's 'Baby' is OK

Warning: Our normal operations are in jeopardy

New Blade Runner Film In The Works?

Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot (1991)

Liberals Threaten Not To Vote In November Over Disappointment With Obama

Eric Holder wont investigate black panthers or gun runners, but will send prosecutors after leaks in his department

Black Teenaged Girls Stab White Pizza Delivery Woman 50 Times

‘Obama Girl’ is ‘not as excited’ about 2012, won’t endorse Obama

FAST AND FURIOUS: Eric Holder contempt decision ‘soon’ on Eric Holder

Police believe illegal alien is serial child molester

EIGHT CONGRESSMEN ATTACK MASSIVE ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION HEAD ON - House approves amendments to Homeland Security bill

HOW TO STOP THE ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION FROM MEXICO: CUT OFF THEIR MONEY! - House votes to scrap public advocate for illegal immigrants at DHS

Florida pushes back against holder, doj over illegal voters purge

Texas GOP Oks more-lenient immigration platform

Do You Support These Actions Against Illegal Immigration?

Increase Expected in Chinese Illegal Aliens Crossing into Texas

Student Visa fraud enforcement actions result in dozens of arrests in NJ, TX, OK

Poll: Most Americans think Arizona immigration law is "about right"

US Military Suicide Rate Surges To Nearly One Per Day This Year

Young Chinese mother strangles baby son while streaming live online!

Rick Scott to DOJ: We're Purging Our Voter Rolls of Non-citizens

NM busts alleged driver's license fraud ring

SAT Sponsor Caves to Egalitarians, Throws Smartest Teens Under Bus

Kansas Family Of 6 Killed In Plane Crash In Polk County, Florida Swamp (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In-state tuition for illegals supporter Rick Perry Shouted Down At Texas GOP Convention

Zombie Bullets In High Demand Following Flesh-Eating Attacks

ALIPAC Endorses Wil Cardon for US Senate Over Amnesty Supporter Jeff Flake

NC Republican Speaker of the House Fights for Illegal Aliens to vote!

Florida fights back against Holder over illegal voters purge

SPLC- Relaunches Anti-Immigration Law Hotline

Conservative Bloggers Harassed With False 911 Calls To Their Homes!

Cannibal Copycat? Police Say Man High On Bath Salts Threatened To Eat Officer

Napolitano's strategy to protect Northern border a diversion, say critics

WARNING: Millions of Your LinkedIn passwords reportedly leaked online

Video: 75-Year-Old Dawn Paulus May be Evicted for Flying American Flags

“Kill Scott Walker”: Angry libs flood Twitter with death threats after Wisconsin recall defeat

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, Author of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles

Marco Rubio Is the Next John McCain and Lindsay Graham on Amnesty for Illegals


Liberal Talk Show Host: National Anthem Is an ‘Abomination’

Judge estimates 30K secret spying orders targeting American citizens approved yearly

Soros Spends $400 Million On 'Open Society' Education, 'Social Action,' Colleges And Universities

Is it racist to say 'blacks attacking whites'?

Increase in black bear attacks!

Man Allegedly Beaten After Removing Democrat Political Signs Placed in His Yard Without Permission

Company Vows Mars Colony by 2023, Funded by Reality Show

We Never Occupied Mexico: Beck Schools Eva Longoria On Mexican History

Jesse Jackson: We Are Going to March on Gun Shops


HEAVILY FUNDED GLOBALIST DEFAMATION HIT LIST OF TEN MOST HATED AMERICANS - Sheriff Joe Arpaio Named ‘Worst Politician in America by Open-Borders PAC

N.J. Woman, 92, Killed For Loose Change

Muslim Yelling "Allahu Akbar" Beheads His Wife In Front of Their Six Children Before Throwing Her Dismembered Head From Roof of Their Apartment

Go Alex! Bilderberg 2012: protesters hail their hero, Alex Jones

10-year-old boy makes haunting 911 call after mom shoots little sister in head

ALIPAC Needs Thousands of Illegal Alien Amnesty Fighting Volunteers This Week

We Never Occupied Mexico: Beck Schools Eva Longoria On Mexican History

ALIPAC Swings Into Action Against the New STARS Act Amnesty Bill!

Mexican Drug Violence in US: 5 Burned Bodies Found In Smoldering SUV

VIDEO: Marine Arrested At Anti Walker Democrat Rally

Cases of 'Truman Show' delusions on the rise as more people believe they're the stars of their own reality TV programs

‘Human barcode’ could make society more organized, but invades privacy, civil liberties

Debt Up $1.59T Under GOP House—More in 15 Months Than First 97 Congresses Combined

American Hospitals fight drug scarcity, fear patients harmed

Voter Fraud in California: a Way of Life

New Hampshire Legislature Passes Resolution to Stand with Arizona and SB1070

Report: Justice Dept. tells Fla. to stop purging voter rolls

PAYBACK IN VEGAS - DOJ sues Las Vegas casino for screening non-citizen workers

Leader of MS-13 Gang Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking Teens


16-year-old illegal immigrant caught with half ton of pot

Mexico left in the dark on Fast and Furious, ambassador says

Indiana Court Subpoenas Obama To Appear

Demonstrators heckle Bilderberg attendees

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