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July, 2017

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“We think any church that tries to aid and abet illegal immigrants in violation of federal law should have its tax status revoked and should face charges under federal law,” William Gheen said to the Durham Herald News 7/11/17

“While we may be one of the first groups representing Trump’s base on immigration issues to leave the fold, we won’t be the last,” William Gheen, the president of the group ALIPAC The Atlantic 6/22/17

"DACA makes a mockery of our elections and our laws," William Gheen said. "There is no doubt DACA is unconstitutional according to the most basic understanding of the U.S. Constitution." William Gheen in Lifezette 6/30/17

Kelly's words upset members of Trump's support base, including Americans for Legal Immigration PAC leader William Gheen, one of the president's first backers during his campaign. "Fire this illegal alien amnesty backer," Newsmax 6/12/17

“It’s clear that we’ve been betrayed on the issues that gave Trump his greatest power to defeat his GOP opponents & Hillary Clinton which are the promises to end DACA amnesty & dangerous refugee resettlement programs" William Gheen Newsweek 6/3/17

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