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January, 2018

“Call Trump and ask him to end his border surge and his flights for illegals program.” William Gheen told WND Jan 22, 2018

“Instead of everyone talking about the years of tough immigration enforcement and large-scale deportations, we are talking about DACA and comprehensive immigration reform/amnesty legislation just like under Obama and Bush and this has returned the surge

"If Joe Arpaio wants to be in the Senate, all he needs to do is wait six to twelve months for John McCain to drop out and then run for McCain's old seat," William Gheen told One News Now

"The enforcement provisions mean nothing when the bill's amnesty provisions will elect Bernie Sanders, Oprah Winfrey candidates for the next century," William Gheen told Lifezette 1/12/2018

The GOP dirty trick is to try to grant a legal status without voting rights so courts can do the dirty work, and they can claim they didn’t see that coming. Illegal immigration and amnesty are part of a big chess game being played by billionaires

“there are a lot of people who won’t be there for him anymore,” said Gheen. “Trump would be supporting legislation that would prevent anyone like him from getting elected again.”

Twitter Facebook & Google are moving to take control of the United States’ elections & legislative process. Anyone like me, that would oppose their agenda, is facing abuse and discrimination... William Gheen told WND 1/5/18

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