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January, 2017

What laws are and are not passed and enforced in the United States doesn't need to be based on whether our president has a big heart or is feeling good on a particular day. -- William Gheen in One News Now Jan 31, 2017

Illegal immigration has been happening because the highest tiers of our government have been compromised and have actually been facilitating the invasion of our homeland.-- William Gheen speaks with One News Now Jan 30, 2017

Our archives are filled with substantial evidence of non-citizens voting in U.S. elections, and we applaud Donald Trump answering our call to launch an official federal investigation into these matters! William Gheen WND 1/27/17

Trump promised to stop Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal executive orders... Instead, we’re hearing Priebus and Spicer saying they might work something out with the DACA illegals -- William Gheen WND 1/25/17

Trump risks alienating the very powerful base that elected him if he doesn’t act soon We’ve given Republicans all of the branches of government, and we don’t want to see them support DACA by any means. -- William Gheen in OC Register 1/27/17

"Every day, every hour, every minute DACA & DAPA Amnesty orders stand, they're encouraging illegal immigration!" William Gheen in Lifezette Jan 24, 2017

"They are trying to change the conversation away from enforcement to amnesty … The American people were promised enforcement only (by Donald Trump)" William Gheen in Lifezette Jan 19, 2017

"If Trump is saying he may spend some U.S. taxpayer dollars on the initial part of building the wall, that's fine, because right now there is an unprecedented flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border.." William Gheen, One News Now Jan 9 2017

William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, suggested that perhaps illegal immigrants should be put to work on the wall as a deterrent to would-be illegal immigrants, who usually face nothing more than deportation. LifeZette Jan 4

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