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February, 2017

“We’re very close to making a big issue of Donald Trump not honoring this promise. If he’s going to break this promise, he might break others." William Gheen in LifeZette 2/27/17

"We have had posts about materials contrary to Facebook's political agenda completely disappear from our main page no matter how many times we post the message," said William Gheen, "I have almost exclusive control over these pages, so we know nobody on o

"To be honest with you, I don't know what Lou Dobbs] is doing (supporting amnesty) But I know that a large segment of his base feels betrayed." William Gheen comments to New York Daily News, Dec 3, 2009

William Gheen, founder of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said the views Acosta expressed at the 2012 forum are disturbing. William Gheen in the Independent Sentinal Feb 17, 2017

Wiliam Gheen says "It’s very clear that Alexander Acosta is from the amnesty side of the aisle. It’s very unfortunate that someone like that would ever be considered for any position in the Trump administration.”

Video: William Gheen's Speech in historic Hazleton PA supporting Lou Barletta's crackdown on illegals

Video: William Gheen interviews Congressman Steve King (R-IA) about illegal immigration in Washington, DC April 23, 2007

Read William Gheen's latest opinioin piece at The Hill Newspaper -- Scenes of unrest are likely to help Trump grow the Republican majority

“But both the Soros groups and media are underestimating the level of American resolve to deport illegals especially after all of the violent protests and attacks we’ve seen from leftists in the last few months” -- William Gheen to WND Feb 20, 2017

Illegal immigrants and fraudsters, and people stealing identities like this senator's family members, they are the ones who need to be in fear instead of American citizens," says Wililam Gheen in One News Now Feb 8, 2017

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Wililam Gheen: What you can do for Sessions before Wednesday (One News Now Feb 6, 2017)

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