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December, 2017

"To minimize public awareness and public backlash," Gheen warns, "against their dirty deeds done with amnesty - and the next amount of money and debt they're going to throw us into." One News Now Dec 19, 2017

“Every time Congress or the White House begins to talk about amnesty, the border crossings increase. That’s what we see happening now Our border patrol agents are woefully understaffed, and we don’t have a wall, so the border is still wide open to t

VIDEO: Kates List of Amnesty backing Republicans like Scott Taylor on Laura Ingraham Show on Fox News

William Gheen & Americans for Legal Immigration PAC added Taylor and the other 33 co-signers to its “Kate’s List” of GOP legislators who should be primaried and cited the example of Rep. Eric Cantor - Breitbart News Dec 14, 2017

“We are adding these 34 Republicans to our Kate’s List because they are more focused on helping illegals than protecting Americans like Kate Steinle,” said William Gheen said to World Net Daily 12/7/17

Kate's List

ALIPAC calls for GOP primary challengers to defeat incumbent Republicans on Kate’s List named in honor of Kate Steinle. Kate’s List is a record of Republican lawmakers in Washington, DC, who have indicated they want to join with Democrats to pass DACA

“These accusations that Moore had an improper relationship with a 14-year-old girl in 1979 are obviously manufactured charges from the Washington Post,” said William Gheen told the Washington Times on Nov 12, 2017

"If we can stop them from passing amnesty [as they intend to this month], once the elections begin in 2018, that will stop the amnesty legislation consideration," William Gheen in One News Now Dc 4, 2017

“The Trump administration must use everything at its disposal to file federal charges and bring justice to this poor family,” Gheen told WND. “When the Obama administration didn’t get its way in the courts they came calling with hate-crime charges

William Gheen president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC says Democrats should be held accountable for these policies. "They are the party of criminality The reason there is a one-to-one statistical relationship between straight Democratic voting b

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