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December, 2016

Illegal immigrants have compromised almost every existing American boundary, having been found working illegally on our military bases, nuclear power plants, and commercial jet engines despite elevated concerns after the attacks of 9/11

“Trump must tread very carefully. He would face serious repercussions if he reverses or softens the promise to adequately enforce America’s existing border and immigration laws.” William Gheen in the Kansas City Star Dec 27, 2016

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Trump’s immigration ‘flip’ more nuanced than media claims by William Gheen The Hill Dec 20, 2016

"“we would have preferred Sheriff Joe Arpaio or Kris Kobach because Trump needs more illegal immigration fighters on his cabinet that predate his entry on the issue Kelly is a good pick because he is a border hawk" William Gheen, WND, Dec 7 2016

"“I’m glad to see that General John Kelly is a border hawk. The border is so far gone … it requires a military solution.” William Gheen in LifeZette Dec 7, 2017

"(McCaul's) stock is dropping rapidly today because the legitimate concerns we have about his duplicity.. (he) would be an alarming and disappointing pick for Trump." William Gheen in Lifezette Magazine Dec 2, 2016

"We would like to see a wave of lawsuits that place blame and liability for much of the death and destruction caused by illegal immigrants where it belongs – with George Soros!" William Gheen, WND, Dec 1, 2016

William Gheen said Rep. Michael McCaul was a signatory of former House Speaker John Boehner’s “Principles on Immigration Reform,” which offered illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship and voting rights. (AMNESTY) World Net Daily, Dec 30, 2016

"In Michael McCaul’s time as House Homeland Security Committee chair he has never significantly challenged any of the Obama administration’s clearly unlawful & unconstitutional actions on immigration..." William Gheen in Breitbart Dec 1, 2016

"We know there are illegal immigrants voting because, as President Obama says, no one is checking. We have newspaper reports of people who have interviewed illegal immigrants who registered and voted." William Gheen to One News Now Nov 30, 2016

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