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August, 2018

The failure to end Obama's DACA amnesty and the unfulfilled border wall promise, combined with our Republican-led Congress focusing on amnesty compromise legislation this past year, has created a lot of confusion, disappointment, and remorse among signifi

National anti-illegal immigration group: With Republicans like Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, who needs Democrats? (William Gheen quoted by Illinois Review) 8/17/18

"The best thing that could happen," says Gheen, "is for Joe Arpaio to endorse Kelly Ward and come out of this race so we defeat RINO Martha McSally. And then Kelli Ward would then swing in behind Joe Arpaio and support him for the other Senate seat. That

"We have a very simple survey which is designed to tell voters which candidates support amnesty for illegal immigrants and which ones support the existing current immigration laws of the United States" William Gheen in One News Now 8/13/18

"when the Supreme Court saw DACA happen – which was clearly unconstitutional & clearly a violation of numerous existing immigration laws – it should have intercepted that and handled that immediately" William Gheen in One News Now 7/18/18

"It's stressful as an American to know that my laws and Constitution, elections, mean nothing, because despite the outcome of the election, despite what the laws are, despite what the Constitution says about protecting states..." Durham Herald Sun 6/2/18

Amnesty Defeated: William Gheen, founder of the Americans for Legal Immigration political action committee, said Trump's support for the bill represents a betrayal. "It would have replaced 2.2 million of his own voters" Lifezette 5/27/18

“We need every American we can get calling Trump’s White House and GOP lawmakers in D.C. to express their anger and disappointment these Republicans are trying to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens..." Breitbart 6/25/18

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