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August, 2016

"If Donald Trump significantly diverges from his promise to deport all illegals, he will end his own campaign or his own presidency. His campaign or his presidency will be wounded to the point of self-destruction." William Gheen, Business Insider, 8/26/16

“Once you unleash the fire that he has, you can’t turn around on it. Once you become an immigration enforcement hard-liner, there’s no going back!" Wililam Gheen, The Washington Times, 8/25/16

Aghast conservatives publicly warned Mr. Trump against any policy retreat "Once you become an immigration enforcement hard-liner, there's no going back!" William Gheen, New York Times, 8/26/16

"Trump won his primary because of the promises he made to Americans to build a wall & deport all illegals while stopping Muslim refugees.. Hillary Clinton & her running mate Kaine promise amnesty to illegal aliens" Wiliam Gheen One News Now 8/26/16

“Paul Ryan is spending millions while lying his butt off to conservatives.. All we’ve seen is lies, lies, lies from Paul Ryan..We need volunteers and donors to go after Paul Ryan with everything we’ve got to muster" William Gheen WND 8/1/16

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