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April, 2018

Rehashing Bush's failed policies by sending the National Guard to the border to wash vehicles, answer phones, fix fences, and grill burgers for the Border Patrol shows the Trump administration is more interested in appearances than in actually stopping il

“Millions of Americans were very serious about Donald Trump’s promises When they were chanting about building the wall, they weren’t joking around. It wasn’t some type of pep rally.” William Gheen tells Huffington Post, 4/3/18

“When President Trump first ran, some of my members said ‘Why would you endorse him? He’s got no record on immigration. We don’t know if he’s conning us.’ And I said ‘Look, the guy’s running on our platform. If he diverges from that, I’l

“The problem we have is that Trump's reversals and betrayals on his campaign promises has attracted a new surge on our borders and an unprecedented caravan of illegals heading our way” William Gheen, Washington Examiner April 3, 2018

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