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April, 2016

"... powerful socialists, like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, want more Democratic voters... Illegal immigration is like a type of weapon that's being deployed against the United States.” William Gheen, KTRH, 4-29-16

"the Supreme Court’s decision on Obama's Amnesty orders will determine whether we continue this country as a functioning republic or as a totalitarian dictatorship!" William Gheen, Charlotte Observer, April 18, 2016

“This is a takeover, a socialist overthrow of the United States... And these stronghold cities will give them political dominion over all conservatives and what remains of the countryside..." William Gheen, WND, 4/10/16

"Donald Trump... could raise the $10 billion to pay for the wall to Mexico simply by stopping our government from giving away $10 billion every two years or so to the illegal immigrants in the US via tax refunds.." William Gheen, One News Now 4/7/16

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