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If sanctuary cities are ignoring federal laws that protect American jobs and rid cities of violent illegal immigrants, then they deserve to be challenged, says William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, or ALIPAC. Normangeestar April 8, 2017

Interview: ALIPAC's William Gheen says "President Trump needs to honor all of his campaign promises on immigration"

Audio of William Gheen interviewed on the Chuck Wilder Show about illegal immigration, Amnesty, sanctuary cities, Donald Trump, DACA Amnesty, and immigration reform legislation

William Gheen and Americans for Legal Immigration PAC threaten to revoke its support of Trump unless he kills the DACA Amnesty program by the tax filing deadline next month. Lifezette Magazine March 29, 2017

William Gheen in The Hill 3/29/17 President Donald Trump Should End DACA Amnesty immediately!

William Gheen at Epic Quest Media

William Gheen of ALIPAC has joined Quora. Please add him as a friend if you use that site

Audio: William Gheen discusses Donald Trump's progress on illegal immigration issues the Wake Up With Steve Curtis Show

"What we want is for the lawmakers in Rockville, Maryland, [who] created the sanctuary city – the lawmakers in Maryland that are trying to declare the entire state a sanctuary state – [to be brought to justice], William Gheen demanded. in One News Now

“They come from lands where there is no law enforcement. And they show they can come here and break laws with impunity, so why should they fear any boundaries, be they national or sexual boundaries?" Wililam Gheen in WND 3/21/2017

William Gheen of ALIPAC on the Breitbart Radio Whatever it Takes Show with Curt Schilling: Latest in the national battle against illegal immigration & Amnesty

“We don’t just have amnesty cities. Now we have an amnesty nation. And the amnesty orders are no longer Barack Obama’s amnesty orders; they’re Donald Trump’s amnesty orders,” William Gheen said to WND 3/16/17

William Gheen, founder of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said Trump is undermining his message to sanctuary jurisdictions by failing to honor his campaign promise to revoke his predecessor’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program

William Gheen of ALIPAC taking on Barack Obama & Alan Colmes RIP & illegal aliens on nationwide program May 22, 2014

“It has now become Donald Trump’s DACA amnesty,” William Gheen said. “Every minute that (Amnesty) exists, I don’t live in a constitutionally governed America.” William Gheen in the Washington Times 3/10/17

William Gheen discussed Donald Trump's immigration issue campaign promises and what Trump is and is not doing about illegal immigration on Ispy Radio 3/5/17

Wililam Gheen said a compromise that included legal status but not a path to citizenship is not a meaningful distinction. The eventual result, he predicted, would be that the courts or a future Congress would grant citizenship to the amnesty recipients.

“We’re very close to making a big issue of Donald Trump not honoring this promise. If he’s going to break this promise, he might break others." William Gheen in LifeZette 2/27/17

"We have had posts about materials contrary to Facebook's political agenda completely disappear from our main page no matter how many times we post the message," said William Gheen, "I have almost exclusive control over these pages, so we know nobody on o

"To be honest with you, I don't know what Lou Dobbs] is doing (supporting amnesty) But I know that a large segment of his base feels betrayed." William Gheen comments to New York Daily News, Dec 3, 2009

William Gheen, founder of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said the views Acosta expressed at the 2012 forum are disturbing. William Gheen in the Independent Sentinal Feb 17, 2017

Wiliam Gheen says "It’s very clear that Alexander Acosta is from the amnesty side of the aisle. It’s very unfortunate that someone like that would ever be considered for any position in the Trump administration.”

Video: William Gheen's Speech in historic Hazleton PA supporting Lou Barletta's crackdown on illegals

Video: William Gheen interviews Congressman Steve King (R-IA) about illegal immigration in Washington, DC April 23, 2007

Read William Gheen's latest opinioin piece at The Hill Newspaper -- Scenes of unrest are likely to help Trump grow the Republican majority

“But both the Soros groups and media are underestimating the level of American resolve to deport illegals especially after all of the violent protests and attacks we’ve seen from leftists in the last few months” -- William Gheen to WND Feb 20, 2017

Illegal immigrants and fraudsters, and people stealing identities like this senator's family members, they are the ones who need to be in fear instead of American citizens," says Wililam Gheen in One News Now Feb 8, 2017

William Gheen info on About Me

Wililam Gheen: What you can do for Sessions before Wednesday (One News Now Feb 6, 2017)

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What laws are and are not passed and enforced in the United States doesn't need to be based on whether our president has a big heart or is feeling good on a particular day. -- William Gheen in One News Now Jan 31, 2017

Illegal immigration has been happening because the highest tiers of our government have been compromised and have actually been facilitating the invasion of our homeland.-- William Gheen speaks with One News Now Jan 30, 2017

Our archives are filled with substantial evidence of non-citizens voting in U.S. elections, and we applaud Donald Trump answering our call to launch an official federal investigation into these matters! William Gheen WND 1/27/17

Trump promised to stop Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal executive orders... Instead, we’re hearing Priebus and Spicer saying they might work something out with the DACA illegals -- William Gheen WND 1/25/17

Trump risks alienating the very powerful base that elected him if he doesn’t act soon We’ve given Republicans all of the branches of government, and we don’t want to see them support DACA by any means. -- William Gheen in OC Register 1/27/17

"Every day, every hour, every minute DACA & DAPA Amnesty orders stand, they're encouraging illegal immigration!" William Gheen in Lifezette Jan 24, 2017

"They are trying to change the conversation away from enforcement to amnesty … The American people were promised enforcement only (by Donald Trump)" William Gheen in Lifezette Jan 19, 2017

"If Trump is saying he may spend some U.S. taxpayer dollars on the initial part of building the wall, that's fine, because right now there is an unprecedented flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border.." William Gheen, One News Now Jan 9 2017

William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, suggested that perhaps illegal immigrants should be put to work on the wall as a deterrent to would-be illegal immigrants, who usually face nothing more than deportation. LifeZette Jan 4

Illegal immigrants have compromised almost every existing American boundary, having been found working illegally on our military bases, nuclear power plants, and commercial jet engines despite elevated concerns after the attacks of 9/11

“Trump must tread very carefully. He would face serious repercussions if he reverses or softens the promise to adequately enforce America’s existing border and immigration laws.” William Gheen in the Kansas City Star Dec 27, 2016

Read William Gheen's articles in The Hill newspaper

Trump’s immigration ‘flip’ more nuanced than media claims by William Gheen The Hill Dec 20, 2016

"“we would have preferred Sheriff Joe Arpaio or Kris Kobach because Trump needs more illegal immigration fighters on his cabinet that predate his entry on the issue Kelly is a good pick because he is a border hawk" William Gheen, WND, Dec 7 2016

"“I’m glad to see that General John Kelly is a border hawk. The border is so far gone … it requires a military solution.” William Gheen in LifeZette Dec 7, 2017

"(McCaul's) stock is dropping rapidly today because the legitimate concerns we have about his duplicity.. (he) would be an alarming and disappointing pick for Trump." William Gheen in Lifezette Magazine Dec 2, 2016

"We would like to see a wave of lawsuits that place blame and liability for much of the death and destruction caused by illegal immigrants where it belongs – with George Soros!" William Gheen, WND, Dec 1, 2016

William Gheen said Rep. Michael McCaul was a signatory of former House Speaker John Boehner’s “Principles on Immigration Reform,” which offered illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship and voting rights. (AMNESTY) World Net Daily, Dec 30, 2016

"In Michael McCaul’s time as House Homeland Security Committee chair he has never significantly challenged any of the Obama administration’s clearly unlawful & unconstitutional actions on immigration..." William Gheen in Breitbart Dec 1, 2016

"We know there are illegal immigrants voting because, as President Obama says, no one is checking. We have newspaper reports of people who have interviewed illegal immigrants who registered and voted." William Gheen to One News Now Nov 30, 2016

“The real reason DHS chief Jeh Johnson supports McCaul is because behind the tough talk, McCaul shares the same immigration reform amnesty positions as Johnson, Obama, and Clinton!” William Gheen in USA Today Nov 30, 2016

"We certainly hope that Donald Trump would not reward a deceptive pro-amnesty lawmaker like Michael McCaul with a Cabinet position.. " Wiliam Gheen in The Washington Times Nov 30, 2016

"... all Americans that value fair and secure elections should be encouraged to turn their attention to the vast Democrat voter fraud that made the race much closer than it should have been" William Gheen told WND Nov 29, 2016

“Despite Twitter’s defamation of Sheriff Arpaio and attempt to censor us... the positive response to Sheriff Joe being placed in charge of the wall and deporting illegal immigrants has been huge!” William Gheen Gateway Pundit 11/19/16

"Arpaio's experience and proven leadership fighting illegal immigration and the fact Obama's team removed him from office makes him a perfect pick for the Trump administration," William Gheen to Washington Examiner Nov 18, 2016

“We have to keep the American public engaged in the process. And that will probably be the single-most determining factor of how much does or does not happen with Trump's agenda." William Gheen, One News Now, Nov 14, 2016

William Gheen Nov 7 WND " Harry Reid owes his position as minority leader in the Senate to illegal immigrant voters in Clark County [Las Vegas]. I have no doubt about that to this day.”

William Gheen told One News Now Oct 21, 2016 "They want to take foreigners with criminal records and lower IQ and academic test scores and make them into police officers"

"the Obama administration is doing everything it can to make sure as many illegal aliens vote in 2010 although that is a violation of federal law" William Gheen told Fox News Oct 30, 2010

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