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Welcome to the Gheen Report where you can find quotes from William Gheen and links that lead to articles, websites, video, and audio interviews chronicling our fight against illegal immigration & amnesty. -- William Gheen

Establishment Media Hide Texas Shooter’s Illegal Status

Tom Cotton: Joe Biden’s Troops at Southern Border a ‘Publicity Stunt’ to Get Illegal Aliens into U.S. Faster

GOP lawmakers renew effort to require NC sheriffs to cooperate with ICE

Big Tech Gets Behind Tillis-Sinema Amnesty, Foreign Worker Expansion

Frosty Wooldridge: A Methodical Path To Destroy America: The Butcher’s Bill of Illegal Immigration

Angel Families, Reformers: Congress Must Reject ‘Special Interest’ Amnesty, Immigration Expansion Schemes

Biden Spikes Migrant Population by 3 Million to 48 Million

Barry Moore endorses Beatrice Nichols for Congress

Report: Biden's Alternatives to Detention Not Tracking Illegals Through GPS

9/11 Hijackers Overstayed Visas, Remained in U.S. Thanks to Loophole Now Used by 685K Illegal Aliens

Joe Biden’s DHS Urged to Disclose Details of Illegal Aliens Charged with Murdering Deputy Ned Byrd

William Gheen warns about Katie Britt on the John Wells Caravan To Midnight Talk Radio Show

Audio Interview: ALIPAC's William Gheen discusses the Alabama run-off for US Senate on the Jeff Poor Show

Report: Biden Transporting Illegals to Key Swing Districts

Leading Anti-Amnesty Group Backs Mo Brooks in GOP’s Alabama Race

After heated congressional race, unity remains elusive for GOP

Video Interview: national effort to impeach Biden & Harris for their Border Disaster

Alabama’s Katie Britt Surrounds Herself with Never Trumpers, Allies of Anti-Trump former Sen. Bob Corker

Fundraiser for Alabama’s Katie Britt Linked to Program that Sells U.S. Citizenship to Rich Foreign Nationals

Mo Brooks Proposes Steep Tariffs on China to Pay for Coronavirus Damages

Eagle Forum PAC endorses Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate

GOP Lawmakers Complicit in Border Chaos

The Virtual Wall: Documents Show CBP Plans For Surveillance Towers At US-Mexico Border

NTD: UN ‘Migration Networks’ to Facilitate Migration Are Stirring Concern

Sen. Joe Manchin Endorses Cheap-Labor Amnesty – ‘For the Children’

ALIPAC in Politico: GOP Senators Cite Border Chaos to Dodge Democrats’ Amnesty Outreach

30 GOP Reps. Vote for Farmworker Amnesty, Replacement Foreign Workforce

10 House Republicans Declare Support for Amnesty, Visa Worker Bill

William Gheen: Pressuring Republicans Is How We Stop Amnesty in Breitbart News

Audio File: William Gheen on Breitbart Radio with Matt Boyle February 21, 2021

Home Depot Foundation partners in effort to eradicate ‘white ways of working’

Only Half of Border Crossers Over Past Five Years Were Deported KTRH News

Dems Press Biden to Use COVID to Grant Temporary Status to Illegal Aliens KTRH News

Poll: Majority of Blacks, Hispanics Oppose Illegal Aliens Counted on Census KTRH Houston

Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler Is A Worm

“There is a strong sense of betrayal among many Trump voters upon learning of the President’s recent admission he's planning an order to give a ‘road to citizenship’ Amnesty to Obama’s DACA illegals" Breitbart News 6-15-19

Grassroots Conservatives View DACA Amnesty as End of the Road for GOP: William Gheen in Breitbart News 7-15-20

William Gheen, the President of Americans For Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) is on a rampage against one Congressional candidate, Anna Paulina Luna. -- Media Right News May 8, 2020

“We knew it was best not to react to Trump’s initial claims about stopping immigration or any immigration matter because his past behavior has shown us there is an 80% chance it isn’t true” William Gheen ABC 14 4-23-20

Yearly estimates there range from a low of 3,000 by Americans for Legal Immigration, to a midpoint of 4,745 by Rep. Steve King -- PersonalLiberty.com 4-3-20

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is calling out Luna as a RINO for her support of amnesty for illegal aliens.-- Big League Politics, Feb 19, 2020

Populist groups — such as Americans for Legal Immigration PAC — also oppose the Silicon Valley takeover., Breitbart News, 9-25-19

Our narrow win in DC stopping the sneak play on #S386 S386 saved US jobs! William Gheen, Bretibart News,

"citizens & national groups should not be helping fake asylum seeker illegal aliens to enter & remain in the U.S. to sway U.S. elections to the left using anti-Trump illegal Democrat non-citizen voters to counteract Republicans," Gheen said, KRWG.org 9-19

"But then you look at what he (Trump) actually does, and he either doesn't do it or he does something opposite of what he told us," says William Gheen, KTRH Radion Houston Sep 17, 2019

“Any support of DACA amnesty, before, after or during construction of a border wall is a betrayal to his campaign promises,” ALIPAC President and activist William Gheen, Breitbart News, 1-11-2019

“More illegal aliens are entering America than ever before on President Trump’s watch because of Trump’s broken campaign promises and presidential directives and policies,” said William Gheen, Ames Australia

“More illegal aliens are entering America than ever before on President Trump’s watch because of Trump’s broken campaign promises and presidential directives and policies,” said William Gheen Huffington Post 7-15-19

William Gheen, president of the ALIPAC grassroots group. “Violating the civil rights of America’s current citizens is a job Americans won’t do, but imported labor will.” Breitbart News 7-9-19

"... found violations at the subject franchisee companies, terminated the operators’ franchise agreements and then swiftly moved to remove the franchisees from the restaurants.” Your America News 7-2-19

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said, “Each of the lawsuits is similar. They each said that Dunkin’ reviewed employment verification documents and practices, found violations..." Washington Examiner 7-1-19

“UAC protections … we consider to be full-blown AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS,” Breitbart News

VIDEO: Park Ranger Tries to Shut Down D.C. Rally Against Illegal Immigration, Big League Politics & Ford Fisher's News 2 Share 6-13-19

The president has only capitulated to Democrats and paid lip service to his base on immigration policy, William Gheen, founder of the grassroots Americans for Legal Immigration PAC group, told InfoWars 6-10-19

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said Trump also supported legislation that would give millions of illegal immigrants legal status — something Trump promised not to do when running for president. Breitbart 6-8-19

William Gheen of ALIPAC on the Grindal61 Podcast May 14, 2019 Kushner Graham Amnesty

The President and National Director of Americans for Legal Immigration or ALIPAC, William Gheen, was a guest Monday morning with Darryl Berger on WNPV’s AM Edition

“Trump and his surrogate Jared Kushner are endorsing a& supporting legislative amnesty bills which encourage more illegals to enter and remain in the U.S. unlawfully...” William Gheen Washington Times 4-8-19

William Gheen of ALIPAC on Rense Radio Show : Trump’s Betrayals And Ann Coulter’s By The Numbers 2-14-19

"“It is clear to me that Trump is not the man he campaigns to be, and he is complicit in passing a major policy bill in a disgusting way that prevented 99% of Americans from learning what is in the bill" American Free Press 2-7-19

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